LA through the eyes of its creatives

Claudia Perez says: “The design spirit of LA is cutting edge yet soft, inclusive and inviting. LA is a melting pot of diverse influences.”

Luis Diaz’s design features two recognizable architectural landmarks of Los Angeles. He explains this choice: “Both the Watts Towers and “Urban Light” are invaluable examples of design.”

Anthony Acock is no newbie to graffiti art. This one is a combination of the LA skyline, graffiti, and Los Angeles grime, showing how LA can be messy and pretty at the same time.

Youngshim Gontijo believes that California is all about sunny days and vibrant colors, which is why she chose “colors that capture the colors of every tropical fruit and flower in Los Angeles”.

Gloria E. Camacho’s aesthetic is vintage whimsey with a conscientious attitude. Gloria explains her design choices: “The spirit of LA goes beyond comfort to make education worth the sacrifice.”

Noah Cervantes believes design looks best when it’s imperfect and hand done and that LA, like all big cities, is usually rough rather than glamorous.

Emmy Yamaguchi says street photography and beauty in our imperfect world are what inspire her. “[LA is] a chaotic place and doesn’t always make sense, but there’s something about it.”

Fatima Shahab says her design represents an old soul trapped in the modern world.

Best Design

At long last, the winner of Design Spirit of LA and the lucky one to walk away with a free one-year Skillshare subscription is Chris Strimbu. Chris loves minimalism and respects simplicity. “I have a love/hate relationship with LA — entirely love after 18 years.”

Article by Ana Zukova



Los Angeles Chapter of AIGA. Empowering the local creative community.

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AIGA Los Angeles

AIGA Los Angeles


Los Angeles Chapter of AIGA. Empowering the local creative community.